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Bookkeeping Services
Markham & Associates P.C.'s accounting and bookkeeping services can be a great tool for you to help in making decisions about your business, where it is headed, and give you an overview as well as details about the financial well-being of your company at any particular time. We can prepare as much or as little information as you need based on your company size, budget and time. We can do everything from basic services such as bank reconciliation to an all-inclusive management of all accounting functions and payroll services.

Markham & Associates bookkeeping and financial services include:

-  Bank Reconciliation
-  General Ledger Detailed Reporting
-  Fixed Asset Tracking
-  Budget Reports
-  Other reports that you may need to help you manage your financial information
-  Compiled Financial Statements
-  QuickBooks Training and Support
-  Payroll Services